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Fall 2018

It’s Anniversary Time

Fall 2018 is here – the year is flying by.  It has been a great summer even with the rain and constant grass mowing.  Best of all, business has been good.  We have installed many Murphy beds since January, some with very challenging designs.  We are truly perfecting our design and installation services. Thank you to our customers for our success.

In August 2018 we celebrated Murphy Beds of Central Kentucky third year anniversary.  It may not seem like a long time, but we have changed the product lineup since our beginning in 2015.  Our focus is on meeting customer demand and honing our custom design skills. I guess it could be said, customization is our niche.  We look at a customer’s space and make recommendations based on their preferences. Then we design a Murphy bed and accessory furniture to meet their needs.   Check out our website to see some our exclusive designs and find your starting point for your very own Murphy bed.

Growing Service

Our service area is central Kentucky, including the Louisville and Lexington metropolitan areas as well as the small towns and counties throughout the region.  We have even ventured into southern Indiana on occasion at customer requests and have shipped a few units to other states, as well.  When you see our company truck or trailer, we are likely on our way to do a free in-home customer consultation or delivering a Murphy bed for installation.  Please give us a call at 859-325-9875 to schedule your free design consultation or visit our website to explore Murphy bed’s we have installed.

Call us today, there is still a little time left to get your one of a kind Murphy bed installed for Christmas guests.  We are currently preparing for the spring 2019 Home and Garden Shows.  In 2019 we will showcase our products at the following events:

When you are kicking around ideas of how to best utilize your spare room consider adding a Murphy bed.  We can show you one in our own home (by appointment) or stop by and see us at one of the shows next spring.

As always, high quality workmanship is the primary goal of our business.  Our furniture is built by an Amish craftsman to exacting standards.  If you purchase a Murphy bed at Murphy Beds of Central Kentucky, it will take a minimum of eight weeks to deliver.  Handmade furniture takes little longer to build to your specifications.  With proper care our beautiful Murphy beds and accessory furniture will give you many years of service!

Murphy Beds of Central Kentucky

The Bed That Gives You Space to Live!

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