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Think Urban Design: Install a Murphy Bed

Murphy beds in Kentucky CitiesA Short History of the Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed, also known as a wall bed or fold-up bed, was originally patented by William L. Murphy. Murphy beds saw their height of sales in the early 1900s, as industry flourished in large cities. Urban dwellings were small with single rooms serving multiple uses including kitchen, parlor, and bedroom. After the Great Depression, sales slumped for decades with industry and homeowners moving out of urban areas; the trend was larger suburban offices and homes. The trademark Murphy name protection ended in 1989.

Murphy Beds Are Back!

Good News! Murphy beds are making a comeback in the United States as urbanization is again on the rise. Large cities have been in a period of growth, reclamation, and yes, gentrification for over 15 years, despite the recession of the early 2000’s. Growth in Kentucky cities means Murphy Beds are becoming more popular right here at home.

According to the Milken Institute (2015) on Best-Performing Cities*: Lexington, Kentucky ranks 42nd; Louisville, Kentucky ranks 58th. Businesses supporting service and high tech jobs are courted by city planners in Kentucky cities along with green space redesign and creative urban renewal living spaces. Typical urban apartments and condominiums range from 400 t0 1000 square feet. Renovated circa 1930’s row houses often have a few large rooms which must serve multiple daily uses.

A Murphy bed can meet the creative small space needs of these urban dwellings.

Modern Murphy Bed Designs

The Murphy bed design has changed over the years with increased efficiency, versatility, and visual appeal. The modern Murphy bed cabinet can be designed to fit any space, any theme, any need using your choice of materials and finishes. Murphy Beds of Central Kentucky will work with you to design your perfect wall bed including a custom bed cabinet and accessories, installation of the cabinet/furniture/EZ-rest bed frame and the mattress of your choice.

Custom Murphy Beds in Central Kentucky

We are the only Kentucky area Murphy bed dealer who custom designs and installs your wall bed. Integrated custom accessories can include your choice of book shelves, cabinets, closets, desks, fold down table, drawers, and lighting. All cabinetry is hand crafted by Amish Craftsmen. The high quality materials and construction ensure years of durability whether you use your bed daily or only occasionally. Contact Murphy Beds of Central Kentucky today to design your Murphy bed system or call us at 859-325-9875 to make an appointment to discuss your needs.

We offer you “The bed that gives you space to live.”

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